ALCAD 2022 LT sa 2D modulima sadrži:

  1. ALCAD 2022 - trajna licenca
  2. ALCADs HVAC 2D Plugins - godišnja licenca
    • Ventilation (Ventilation Plugin) - Construct ventilation ducts, pipes, fittings and much more
    • Floor Heating (Heating Plugin) - Construct underfloor heating pipes and distributors
    • Multi-Pipes (General Plugin) - Create multipipes with wall distance, angle tap, height and much more
    • Drain Pipes (Sanitary Plugin) - Construct dirty water and rainwater pipes
    • Flex Pipes (Sanitary Plugin) - Create flex pipes with wall distance, angle tap, distributor, apparatus and much more
    • Comfosystem (Ventilation Plugin) - Construct ventilation flex pipes and components
    • Gas Calculation (Sanitary Plugin) - Create and calculate isometric gas pipelines
    • Openings (General Plugin) - Create architecture openings like wall opening, ceiling boreholes, floor slots and more
    • Text (General Plugin) - Create texts with templates
    • Element Edit (General Plugin) - Create spaces in lines
    • Block Manager